Discipline of Music



The undergraduate programmes are currently being recurriculated.

In 2019 tuition in the following undergraduate diplomas will be offered:

  • Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music (three-year programme)
  • Diploma in Music Performance (three-year programme)

PLEASE NOTE: 2019 is the last academic year that diplomas in music will be offered at first-year level. These qualifications will be phased out during 2020 and 2021.

In 2019 the following undergraduate degrees will be offered:

  • BA (music) (three-year programme)
  • BMus (specialist four-year programme)

The following restructured degrees may be on offer, pending official accreditation, from 2020:

  • BA (music) extended
    A four-year programme with a wide variety of choices dedicated largely to music. The extended programme includes four core introductory courses in the first year: academic writing, fundamental music theory and aural skills, improvisation and performance. The subsequent three years follow the standard BA (music) programme.
  • BA (music)

    A three-year programme with a wide variety of choices dedicated largely to music.

For more information regarding undergraduate degrees, please contact:

Lori Barausse

(Music Department administrator)
031 260 2380


The post graduate programmes are currently being reassessed by the department. The following degrees will be on offer in 2019:

  • BA (honours)
  • MA
  • MMus
  • PhD
  • DMus

For more information regarding postgraduate degrees, please contact:

Kathryn Olsen

Lecturer | Academic Advisor