Discipline of Music



In 2021 the following undergraduate degrees will be offered from first-year level:

Bachelor of Art in Music Foundation Programme (four-year programme)

A four-year programme with a wide variety of choices dedicated largely to music. The foundation programme includes four core introductory courses in the first year: Foundational Practical Studies; Foundational Performance Skills; Introduction to Music Fundamentals; and Introduction to Academic Writing in Music. Students must pass all of the foundation courses before they can be admitted to the degree. The subsequent three years follow the standard Bachelor of Art in Music programme.

Bachelor of Art in Music (three-year programme)

A three-year degree programme dedicated to music which allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of subject choice. In 2021 a new Bachelor or Art in Music will be phased in.

Bachelor or Art (three-year programme)

A three-year general arts degree in which a candidate may do music as a major.


The post graduate programmes are currently being reassessed by the department. The following degrees will be on offer in 2022 and 2023:

  • BA (honours)
  • MA
  • PhD

Please note: at present we are only offering MA and PhD degrees through research thesis. We are not offering composition and performance masters and doctoral programmes until our programmes have been fully recurriculated and approved.

For more information regarding postgraduate degrees, please contact:

Kathryn Olsen

Lecturer | Academic Advisor