Discipline of Music

General Information

UKZN’s Discipline of Music is known both nationally and internationally for its creative work and our published research in African music and dance, ethnomusicology, jazz and music education and music technology. We are experienced, caring teachers, and we have developed a wide variety of academic offerings and community-oriented programmes and projects (including UKUSA, the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music and the African Music Project).

Serving approximately 260 undergraduate and 50 graduate students at present, we are small enough to be a friendly place where students and staff can all get to know and learn from each other and yet large enough for us to provide a variety of courses and other opportunities for learning.

Our teaching encourages students to think critically about the role music plays in society and about its function in fostering personal and social identity and empowerment, and it helps students to develop the skills they require in order to earn their living by creating music, teaching, doing socially valuable research, working in sound studios, and contributing to community projects.