Discipline of Music

Ayanda Mpama

We should not only be creating, we also have to look at t the way we live


BA Music & Drama Performance

Thulile Zama

Thulile Zama keeps the fires burning at African's oldest Jazz Centre


BA Music

UKZN alumnus Ms Thabile Buthelezi has been nominated for the Sebenza Women Awards.

Thabile Buthelezi

The first South African student to receive the prestigious Choreomund: Internation Master in Dance Knowledge, Prestige and Heritage Scholarship.


MA (Applied Ethnomusicology)

Miranda Young-Jahangeer

Cluster Leader


Welcome to the University of KwaZulu Natal’s Discipline of Music website. Here you will find a vibrant community of staff members who are active musicians and scholars. Their commitment to mentoring students in the multifaceted art of music-making (including performance, theory, aural, history and technology) ensures that students can mature into musicians capable of performing, composing and producing research at the highest levels. Our discipline boasts a state of the art electro-acoustic studio and a well-stocked library. Feel free to contact us for detailed information about our course offerings at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Music and drama are clustered together in one administrative unit, but they have their own administrators. If you need to contact the Drama department, please visit their separate webpage.

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