Discipline of Music

Theory and Composition

The theory and composition stream allows candidates to focus on musical notation, analysis and composition.

Usually this includes:

  • regular lessons on a musical instrument
  • specialist training in the staff and tonic sol-fa notation systems
  • emphasis on training in musical analysis
  • training in formal musical composition techniques

This specialization can equip candidates for jobs in the:

  • informal music sector, as self-employed, self-supporting composers
  • professional music sector, as a full-time composer
  • professional academic sector, as a teacher or lecturer in music theory and composition

Many students graduating from this stream have active compositional careers, but supplement their income with work in the professional educational sector. Please note: those wishing to be school teachers must register for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) upon completion of the music degree.

Candidates may register for the Bachelor of Arts honours degree upon successful completion of this degree. However, all candidates should be aware that the honours degree requires a significant proportion of essay writing.