Discipline of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music Extended Curriculum



The programme will extend over a minimum of eight semesters (4 years) of full-time registration, at the end of which students who have successfully completed all the required modules graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. This programme is intended for (1) applicants from disadvantaged schools and (2) applicants with no prior formal musical training.

Structure of the BAMUS4 programme


Students must take all of the following modules:

Semester 1Semester 2
Foundational Practical Studies A (16F)
Foundational Practical Studies B (16F)

MUSC103 Foundational
Performance Skills A (16F)

MUSC104 Foundational
Performance Skills B (16F)

MUSC105 Introduction to
Music Fundamentals A (16F)

MUSC106 Introduction to
Music Fundamentals B (16F)

Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music A (16F)

Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music B (16F)

Second, third and fourth years

See Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum


  1. All students complete eight compulsory modules: MUSC101, MUSC102, MUSC103, MUSC104, MUSC105, MUSC106, MUSC107, MUSC108.
  2. Students must pass ALL modules to be admitted to the formal Bachelor of Art in Music (second year of study).
  3. The credits for the foundation programme (Foundational Credits) do not count towards the BA in Music degree.