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Music Education

Music Education

Our Music Education specialisation prepares students for entry into a range of employment opportunities both in public and private education.

SasaThe Draft Revised National Curriculum Statement (replacing Curriculum 2005) and the Outcomes Based Education approach it is based on, has significantly changed the role of the music educator in South Africa, who is someone who no longer works in isolation from other subject areas pursuing specifically musical goals, but collaborates toward the achievement of broad, interdisciplinary ‘outcomes’, someone who is a music specialist while at the same time an innovative, widely knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary educator with sociological, ethnomusicological and psychological insight.

The undergraduate Music Education modules build a solid foundation in general teaching methodology (didactics), in established music pedagogies suitable to South African teaching contexts, and in the philosophy, psychology and sociology of music education. Students are guided to the optimal utilization of the wide range of music education literature, including a comprehensive range of music education periodicals, housed in the department’s renowned Eleanor Bonnar Music Library.

Observation and practice teaching in an array of teaching contexts form a substantial part of the undergraduate courses as does hands-on experience in modern technologies relevant to teaching music (e.g. MIDI applications). Learning to be effective within the OBE framework is given priority, but other curricula being followed in South Africa and elsewhere are also explored.

Community music is also explored in its various manifestations both here and abroad and involvement with the Ukusa Community Arts Programme, based in the Department, is encouraged.

The philosophical basis, content, and methods of intercultural music education are dealt with at all levels but they receive particular focus in the Coursework Masters in Intercultural Music Education. Emphasis is here placed on the incorporation of all of South Africa’s musics into music education.