Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music B

Aim: Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music B equips students with skills in academic reading and comprehension; learning and writing; working with academic sources; and academic argumentation.    Content: Introduction to academic reading; identifying keywords in a reading passage; writing summaries using keywords; taking notes using keywords; writing effective paragraphs; how to work with academic

Introduction to Music Fundamentals B

Aim: The module trains students to achieve proficiency in five competencies while relating them to diverse contexts: conventions of pitch organisation; measuring complex musical intervals; conventions in basic musical harmonisation; conventions in notating complex musical rhythms and metres; and conventions in musical performance directions. Content: Scales/modes; complex intervals; triads/quartads; conventions of harmonisation; mixed metres; complex

Introduction to Music Fundamentals A

Aim: Introduction to Music Fundamentals A equips students with the core theoretical and practical basics of the staff notation system. Content: Musical pulse; durations of sound and silence; conventions of note and rest grouping; musical pitch; musical alphabet; frequency and pitch; differentiating pitches in notation; calculating distances between notes; hearing and notating intervals; tonal centres

Foundational Practical Studies B

Aim: Foundational Practical Studies A provides beginner training for instrumental and vocal performers. The module helps students to develop basic instrumental/vocal/dancing fluency; to read basic musical notation fluently; to develop a working knowledge of basic instrumental/vocal repertoire; to develop basic skills in performing in musical groups. Content: Beginner instrumental/vocal technique, beginner strategies for effective practice,