Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music A

Aim: Introduction to Academic Literacy in Music A equips students with a basic ability to express musical ideas informal spoken and written English; a technical musical vocabulary for musicians; an introduction to academic sources in the music library; and basic skills in bibliographical citation. Content: Musical terms; speaking about music in English; basic academic terminology;

Introduction to Music Fundamentals A

Aim: Introduction to Music Fundamentals A equips students with the core theoretical and practical basics of the staff notation system. Content: Musical pulse; durations of sound and silence; conventions of note and rest grouping; musical pitch; musical alphabet; frequency and pitch; differentiating pitches in notation; calculating distances between notes; hearing and notating intervals; tonal centres

Foundational Performance Skills A

Aim: The aim of Foundational Performance Skills A is to provide a basic introduction to students of the practical skills they require to become professional practicing musicians. Content: Beginner skills in improvisation, arrangement, accompanying, keyboard skills or diction and foreign languages; beginner skills in public performance; beginner concert management, performance etiquette and performance programme planning;