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Name Prof. Christopher Ballantine
Position Honorary Academic
Phone 031 260 1052
Campus Howard College
Office Address Francis Stock, Music

Christopher Ballantine is LG Joel Professor of Music Emeritus, and Fellow, of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His research explores the meanings and social implications of music, and the forces that shape it. His publications tend to be cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, and to cover a wide range of issues in the fields of musicology, the sociology of music, popular music studies, and ethnomusicology. Currently preoccupied with South African topics, he is investigating the ways music articulates with ‘race’, gender and politics in the making of post-apartheid identities. He is also co-editing a volume of new essays on social cohesion.

A graduate of the universities of Cambridge, Cape Town, and the Witwatersrand, Christopher Ballantine is the author of four books: Marabi Nights: Jazz, 'Race' and Society in Early Apartheid South Africa (a revised and expanded edition of the now classic Marabi Nights: Early South African Jazz and Vaudeville), Music and its Social Meanings, and Twentieth Century Symphony. He has published extensively in a range of leading scholarly journals (including Popular MusicEthnomusicologyAfrican MusicOpera, Musical QuarterlyBritish Journal of EthnomusicologyJournal of Southern African StudiesCritical Arts, and Music Review). He has contributed to books and scholarly encyclopedias (including the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, and the Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World), and he serves on numerous international editorial boards.

He recently won the UKZN Book Prize for Marabi Nights: Jazz, 'Race' and Society in Early Apartheid South Africa. Rated an 'Internationally Acclaimed Researcher' by the National Research Foundation, he has been winner of the Top Researcher Award from the Centre for Science Development (Human Sciences Research Council), is regularly ranked in the group of 'Top 30 Researchers' at UKZN, and has been honoured by the University with election to a lifetime Fellowship.

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