Electro-Acoustic Music Studios

Electro-Acoustic Music Studios

One of our most popular facilities, the Electro-Acoustic Music Studio was the first of its kind in South Africa. It is a "state-of-the-art" facility and is the most active university studio in the country.

Established in 1973 by Ulrich Süsse as a classic tape/synthesizer facility, the studio was further developed by Dr Gerald Lapierre until his tragic death in a road accident in 1981. Under the directorship of Dr Kevin Volans from 1981-1985, the studio was moved to new premises and enhanced by an 8-track tape recorder and a mixing console.

From 1985 to the present, Professor Jürgen Bräuninger has served as director of the studio. Assessing its potential in a multi-ethnic academic community, he added a small recording studio which received much use. He also added computer hardware and software and integrated MIDI facilities into the studio format.

At the end of 2006 the School of Music moved to Francis Stock Building and new studio facilities were designed by Dennis Claude and Jürgen Bräuninger. The Electro-Acoustic Music Studio now consists of a large live room equipped with a Steinway Model B grand piano, a drum booth, a vocal booth, and two control rooms, as well as a room for the DJing students.

Over the years, the recording projects that have been completed in the studio have included:

  • ‘Insurrections: a musical dialogue between Indian and South African artists’. South African History Online (2012)
  • Darius Brubeck & Mike Rossi, Two And Four / To And Fro (2011)
  • Fiona Tozer, Somewhere Else (2010)
  • Mageshen Naidoo, Warwick Triangle (2009)
  • DURBAN NOISE and scraps works (GSE Claremont Records 1998)
  • Matthias Schneider-Hollek, E (Edition Musikat 1998; ISBN 3-9805555-6-9)
  • The Little Library Maths Kit (Cambridge University Press 1996)
  • Landscape Prayers (Greenhouse Records 1995)
  • Gathering Forces II (B&W Music 1994)
  • Counterculture, Art Gecko (B&W Music 1992)
  • Chesterville Youth Group, Music for Liberation (Culture and Working Life Project 1990)

International visitors who have worked or taught in the studio include:

  • Mark Grimshaw
  • Luc Houtkamp
  • Nicolas Collins
  • Gert-Jan Prins
  • Gilius van Bergeijk
  • Dan Wyman

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