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Music Technology is at present the fastest growing field in music. The University of KwaZulu-Natal's Electro-Acoustic Music courses were the first of their kind at a tertiary educational institution in South Africa and are still the most comprehensive and most state-of-the-art in this country. They are so popular that we have to turn a considerable number of applicants away each year.

Virtually every aspect of today's music making, ranging from performance and recording to composition and theoretical studies, is dependent on technical applications. Current job markets in music, ranging from music education to ethnomuscicology and composition, increasingly demand various degrees of technical musical experience and specialised computer literacy directly related to musical applications. If you want to specialise in this area, get your training at the University of KwaZulu-Natal's

Electro-Acoustic Music Studio

The following areas are covered by various Electro-Acoustic Music modules :

  • digital multi-track recording 
  •  sampling
  •  audio for multi-media
  • mixing
  • MIDI 
  •  algorithmic composition (Max/MSP)
  • signal processing
  •  live sound enhancement
  •  audio and computer applications
  • editing
  •  DJ-ing
  • synthesis
  •  music desk top publishing

Available modules:

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  • Electro-Acoustic Music 1A MUSC3LA H1

  • Electro-Acoustic Music 1B MUSC3LB H2

  • Electro-Acoustic Music: Live Sound MUSC3LS H1

  • Electro-Acoustic Music: Deejaying MUSC3DJ HB

  • Electro-Acoustic Music 2A MUSC4LA H1

  • Electro-Acoustic Music 2B MUSC4LB H2

  • Advanced Electro-Acoustic Music MUSC7AD H2

  • Applied Electro-Acoustics: Advanced Project MUSC7AP HB

  • Electro-Acoustics: Professional Practice MUSC7PP HB

Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music - BA - BMUS - BA(HONS) - MA - MMUS

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