• author


  • orchestrator


  • initiator


  • arranger


  • (virtual) instrument builder


  • sound designer


  • programmer (system/process controller)


  • collaborator


  • conductor


  • producer


  • sonic sculptor


  • researcher
    At the University of KwaZulu-Natal we define "composer" very broadly. You are expected to become a  in order to function well within a highly complex world of diverse media, writing music for and many other applications.
    Creative ability is an important prerequisite for this course of study.
    Composition 1 and 2 lead progressively through supervised assignments to the submission of a portfolio of compositions and a public presentation of some of the works.



    • radio


    • film


    • bands


    • video


    • theatre


    • television


    • audio plays


    • concert


    • multimedia


    • ensembles


    • advertising


    • dance


    • orchestras


    • games

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